I paint to achieve through my art an uncommon peace, a completeness.  I am inspired to try to communicate my experienced reality through visual expression.  I reach this through using form, light, material and outline.

I see my artwork as a relentless series of Blocks.  I approach them with an attitude of shizen (自然): a naturalness, an absence of pretense.  The Blocks evidence “mindful artlessness,” that is, they exhibit intentional incompleteness and imperfection.

I add gesso to the Blocks in order to elevate gesso from its typical side-role in painting.  To me, gesso is not a subordinate medium.

I plan to continue my years of focus on the Blocks.  The Blocks don’t refer only to themselves and they don’t try to explain everything.  I have been modifying the Blocks' forms and materials and opening-up new series.  As far as where the Blocks take me next, it shall be revealed.